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Tower Hamlets Becomes a Rainbow

Tower Hamlets Becomes a Rainbow

The Mayor of London is running a crowdfund initiative to transform an uninspiring space in London, into a rejuvenated one, that the whole community can benefit from. Verry Kerry is sponsoring the idea of Globe town Market getting much needed facelift, to inspire and unite this awesome community in East London.

As a business based in East London we want to always do our bit to support and improve the community we live in and interact with. This week we'd love to introduce you to a new project idea we just launched for crowdfunding: To transform the very uninspiring globe town market square, into a wonderful, colourful, greener space & creative hub, for all the community to engage with, inspire the local school kids and community to take pride in their area, improve behaviour, and celebrate cultural diversity. Together we can make this area an inspiring, exciting & happy one, that we can all benefit from. An innovative platform for creative, environmental, cultural & social celebration and engagement.

Tower Hamlets is full of awesomeness! Awesome people, cultures, families … and yet, this central square, that so many of us pass through, feels a little like the end of the world. It is quite honestly depressing… and that is a feeling shared by all of the community. Let’s do something about it! Lets all get involved - let’s come together, no matter where we are from, to make this change that will benefit us all. We can become united on this project … rather than going about our lives separately …. I believe it will bring magic to our already fantastic neighbourhood!

All the school children that gather there after school, buy their snacks, and throw their rubbish directly on the floor, despite all the bins provided. Their attitude is quite uninspired, and I get it! Why wouldn’t it be? I believe, if we all chip in to make this space amazing, we will all feel a sense of ownership, community spirit and achievement, which will undoubtedly improve community pride, attitude and behaviour.

The Idea

Umbrella Roof

Is there anything more uplifting and awe inspiring than a roof of colourful umbrellas? I promise! And they provide, not only a total joy to look at, but some shelter from the sun and rain. Woo! That in mind, I want to create and install a canopy of fixed colourful umbrellas between the existing lamp posts that frame the square.
I would love the kids from surrounding schools to get involved and write messages/words of things they love about Bethnal Green and hang them from the umbrellas. Some artificial grass underneath will create a lovely park feeling, without the fuss. And let’s not forget the fairy lights! Who doesn’t love fairy lights? Solar powered fairy lights throughout will provide extra lighting at night, improve safety as well as being stunning to look at. Overall, it will inject some much needed colour & excitement into the dull square and inspire those that use it, to look after it, keep it clean and show pride and respect for their community.

Roof, Wall Gardens, More Plants, Trees

Urban gardens are totally awesome and completely necessary! They improve air quality and provide much needed practical education in growing and maintaining vegetation, and the importance and benefits of this in every community. My vision is to create a live garden climbing along the walls using sturdy, durable plants, with a self irrigation system. This will not only look beautiful, but improve air quality, insect & bird life and education on the importance of plants in our lives. I aim to put more planters and trees around the square, including air cleaning plants, and involving and engaging all the local school children, families and community to get involved and take ownership of the space.

What we'll deliver:

  • Umbrella Roof Structure
  • Climbing Plants for surrounding walls/Plants/Trees to surround the square
  • Upcycled benches & seats for the square made by local school kids
  • Community Projects /gatherings celebrating culture, heritage, cultural diversity, arts
  • Provide educational talks and implement campaigns on saying no to plastic
  • Campaign to get all local business to remove plastic bags, replace them with biodegradable ones in wider 'GREEN' effort
  • Implement 'Keep Britain Clean' campaigns in our communal areas, streets, parks and canals.
  • Local business support in an open, easily accessible way
  • Offer free workshops in networking, social media & business tools & skills
  • Free Yoga for mums & bubs, exercise classes, wellbeing and mini festivals 

How it will help the environment.

The walls of sturdy and durable climbing plants will provide much needed greenery to the space, together with the other trees and "air cleaning plants" on the ground.Additionally the wall's structure will be realised in recycled plastic bottles, providing the truly unique opportunity for local schools and the community to be involved in its creation.

How it will boost the economy

The Eastend was once famous for its thriving local markets. Fast forward not so many years and only 2 hero traders remain in Morpeth Square. Revitalizing the space and its popularity would attract back a long missed part of the Eastend heart

How it will increase volunteering, jobs & education

The project exists to serve the community and it would offer amazing opportunities to get local children and residents involved in its creation, as well as becoming a focal point for upcycling, recycling, clean up and gardening workshops. Endless creative art & music projects can be hosted here, as well as mini festivals, community street picnics, language exchange events, small business support & empowerment groups, free yoga and well being practices, historical talks, and much much more. The space would become an innovative, dynamic hub representing a move forward towards environmental education, greener spaces, community togetherness, creative expression and the celebration of cultural diversity.

How it will supported arts, culture & heritage

The project would inject life back to a space that once was supporting the local community to become a creative, inspirational hub for locals to express themselves and highlight local talent, and learn skills. Street gatherings/picnics/parties could be held here, encouraging the locals to bring a dish from their cultures to share with everyone, even exchange the basics in languages, break down those barriers, make learning about one another fun, and bring the community together. Celebrate different cultural events from the many varying backgrounds in the area. It would be wonderful to have historians come and talk about the history of bethnal green, important dates, key people and circumstances that have shaped the area. Some photographic plaques of years ago on display in the square, could provide wonderful insight into the history of the area, providing education of our heritage, and improving relations and respect for the area.

We Need all the help we can get to make this space a wonderful place for all the community!

Here's a link to the project, please do share it, pledge whatever you can and

Let’s make change happen!

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