VK World: Prints & Inks


Kerry designs each print, inspired by her travels around the world. She aims to capture the essence of these beautiful places, immersing you in the feeling she felt, to instantly transport you there when you put it on, without having to get on a plane. They are like a beautiful memory, the ultimate souvenir, that can be treasured forever.

Her deigns are then brought to life by an amazing family run screen printers that have been perfecting their craft for generations, in Delhi India. Once the design and scale of the print has been finalised, the screens are made and the testing process begins. Kerry buys her raw fabric, like bamboo & organic cotton from a certified, sustainable and ethical supplier. Colours react very differently on the different fabrics, and, as each colour for each screen is created by hand, there is long testing process to make sure the colours are just right.


The inks used are certified AZO free, chemical free dyes and are all mixed by hand and by eye by the master - not machine. An incredible process, that is a true craft and joy to see and experience. Each colour change or tweak in the development process takes time. A wonderful, thorough and crucial part of the process. How the colours behave on the fabric is everything to the final result..