VK World: Zero Waste

Off Cuts

There is nothing Kerry despises more than waste. Waste of any kind. The clothing industry is notoriously guilty for recklessly creating billions of tonnes of waste and Kerry refuses to be a part of it. All of our off cuts from production go to an incredibly inspiring NGO ‘Green The Map’, where her fabric waste, is combined with other waste materials such as rubber tyre, seatbelts, juice containers & elephant poo, to create incredible, creative, upcycled, vegan accessories.

Working with an Amazing NGO

Green the Map is an arm of the inspiring NGO Swechha, where they train people from impoverished sections of Delhi, and give them training, skills and employment. They also have many programmes empowering underprivileged children, and work with many schools educating them on the importance of the environment, planting trees, forests and inspiring children and adults alike to respect and fall in love with their environment, protect it and be a part of it’s growth not destruction. They are continually fighting against the government for the rights of trees, the integral river the Yamuna, and tackling the vast and overwhelming waste issue that surrounds them. Vimlendu Jha, an environmentalist and activist is the brain and heart behind this incredible organisation and it is an honour to have worked with him and his amazing team for 8 years and counting.

Vegan Upcycled Products