VK World: Our Factory


We believe in being kind to the planet, people, creatures and each other. It is the basis of everything we do and we are proud to say all our pieces are made in an ethical and fair, vastly spacious family run factory, where workers are on excellent salaries. We also work with NGOs in Delhi to to transform production waste into new beautiful things.


Mandy, the factory owner is integral to Verry Kerry’s growth. His patience, talent and work ethic has seen Verry Kerry grow from the beginning concept to now, and he has remained smiling despite the amount of dizzying prints Kerry has brought him over the years. His key workers have been with him for over 15 years which is a great testament to him as an employer. He has a heart of gold and the care and kindness he shows his employees is heartwarming.

Great Relationships

Being on the factory floor working along side the masters means everything to Kerry. It is where the magic happens and where she learns so much, every single time. From the core pattern cutters, to embroiderers and machinists, to the people who sewing on the labels, pressing and packing, Kerry values each and every one of them, and make sure she visits them, practices her (terrible) Hindi on them, and deeply thanks them for everything they do. She believes they are the real heroes in the process, bringing what's in her mind to life — beautifully. She prides herself in the great relationships she creates and evokes a fun, laughter filled environment.

We deeply care about the people, suppliers, fabrics, manufacturing and packaging that we use, and the impact our production has on the environment, and the people who help create it.