VK World: Plastic Free

We Hate Plastic

Plastic is EVERYWHERE. It is destroying our planet and it seems no one is moving fast enough to make sure they don’t use it. We at Verry Kerry HATE plastic with a passion, and make sure there is none in our packaging whatsoever.


All our lovely pieces get placed in either a reusable fair trade cotton tote bag, or reusable upcycled fabric drawstring bag. The totes are to encourage taking a reusable bag with you at all times, so when you pop into any shop, you have no need to use a plastic bag. The drawstring bags are amazing little travel bags, and can be used to separate your dirty socks and jocks from the rest, as well as shoes, and perfect for nappies, toys, and little shopping trips too.

Mailing Bags

We use unbleached, natural, recycled paper mailing bags for shipping our orders!

Production Shipments

Every production usually gets packed individually in plastic. that means every kimono arrives wrapped in its own plastic only to be thrown away. I am very proud to say that we pack 5-10 kimonos into a biodegradable bag! It took some effort, research and insisting, but we got there in the end, and I am even more thrilled to know that my factory now uses these bags for all of their clients production. WIN.