About Us

Creative : Comfortable : Kind : & a little Wild

Lounge, Day & Nightwear with a difference

Inspired by colourful travels and sun dappled adventures, Verry Kerry likes to do things a little differently. We believe in creating a feeling that lasts, not following rules, fashion or trends, whilst championing sustainability, and a fairer and ethical society.

With a strong belief in kindness, we try to help others and the environment in
everything we do and create. Passionate about prints, Kerry designs and illustrates them with the intention to transport you to a place or feeling that has made an impression on her. Expertly screen printed with earth friendly dyes on
 organic fabrics, her prints are then crafted exceptionally & ethically into beautiful, unique, versatile kimono dressing gowns and loungewear for home, out, poolside & all your travel adventures.

Combine comfort, creativity, kindness and a little bit of wild, and you get Verry Kerry.

So comfy you won't want to take it off, so versatile you won't need to take it off, so creative that you won't be following 'fashion' or 'trends', so kind to people and the environment that you can feel warm and fuzzy inside, and so groovy that you will have everyone asking where you got it from.


We love colour, a bit of quirk and to create pieces with personality, purpose and an energy of their own. We don’t follow fashion or trends and hate the idea of looking like everyone else!


Comfort is everything. It’s how it makes you feel. We don’t believe in suffering to look good. All our pieces are flattering, versatile and incredibly practical. Made with soft, breathable fabrics, flattering cuts and relaxed fits.


We believe in being kind to the planet, people, creatures and each other.

It is the basis of everything we do and we are proud to say all our pieces are made in an ethical and fair, vastly spacious family run factory, where workers are on excellent salaries. We also work with NGOs in Delhi to transform production waste into new beautiful things.

A Little Wild

We hate the word fashion! We hate trends! We hate fussing & over styling! … And we love odd socks. It’s important to be ridiculous sometimes ... (often). It’s VERRY important to laugh - LOUDLY.



A little About Kerry

I absolutely love travelling, festivals, the 70’s, drums, cartwheels, prints, all things colourful, wild and rule free, a bit of mischief, fiercely challenging the ‘norm’ and avocados... to name but few (well quite a few) things!

I was born in Zambia where the vibrant, bold textiles (and abundant mangos, storms, stars, fireflies and incredible nature) always brought a smile to my face.

I was also very lucky to experience and grow up in Australia where I took a love for simple, casual & relaxed shapes with a beachy, Summer feel. However, I could never find anything that was ‘me enough’ and hated the idea of looking like everyone else, often taking my sketches to a local tailor to be made. With my graphic design background, I had a passion for colour and prints and found the switch into clothing quite a natural one.

Fast forward to 2008, after moving to London, I finally took the plunge, registered Verry Kerry and embarked on a journey to India and its vibrant fabric markets, to bring my vision of cool, groovy loungewear that could be worn everywhere, to life. And, as soon as I figured it all out, I started trading in 2010.

I now juggle my time between being a mum and running my business.

I believe in being considerate to our earth, its creatures & each other. A passionate defender of animal rights, and believer that we can change the world with one random act of kindness at a time. You will always know where I am from the sound of my very loud laugh and trail of (unintentional) messy-ness… I wish I could be barefoot at all times... and when I can’t.. Odd socks will do!