Joanna Lumley

British Actress, Activist & Icon

“I am overwhelmed by the sensationally beautiful kimonos you create. I love them, truly love them: and you have made thoughtful additions like POCKETS which I adore. The colours are ravishing. I have been wearing your kimonos as I travelled on the Silk Road, filming in fabulous cities and dazzling landscapes. You have to wear great things in such legendary places, and every night I thanked my lucky stars that I had a ravishing kimono in which to gaze at the moon and sigh away my dreams. Do not travel without one. All my warmest good wishes and more thanks than could fit on the back of a palanquin. xxx Joanna Lumley”

Lauren Laverne

British Journalist, Radio DJ, TV presenter, Singer

 “Behind your front door you can wear what you want, but few things beat a dressing gown for home comfort. It's one of the few times that what you're wearing is all about you, and as such is a chance to say something to yourself (whether that's 'I'm cosy', or I've still got it' is up to you). As the mother of small children I find that mornings (or evenings with my feet up watching Mad Men) are much more enjoyable when I'm wearing something that makes me happy. Verry Kerry is a great option for ethical shoppers, who make stunning kimonos in natural fabrics as opposed to the poly-blends you'll find elsewhere. Verry Kerry's daywear is definitely worth a look too.”