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The Father's Day Ethical Gift Guide

The Father's Day Ethical Gift Guide

Green, organic, fairtrade, vegan, sustainable, recycled, reusable etc etc… It might be hard (and incorrect) to exactly define what constitutes ethical, as when it comes to doing the “right thing” the approach should be a very personal one. One thing is for sure though, We Vote for what we Buy.

As Father’s Day is approaching fast and we are being bombarded with thousands of emails with gifts of all sorts, we wanted to give you some ethical options to tap into.

Here’s our top 7 picks for ethical gifts that Dad will surely appreciate…(no, there are no ties…)

1. Organic Beer

What’s better than cheering with Dad? Cheering with an organic beer. Planet Organic has a nicely packaged gift box that will hit the mark. £30

2. Beard Set

Has Dad given in to the trend and loves to keep a (massive) beard? Then we can assure you he is struggling to find a vegan beard set out there. The folks at Mister Maseys have created just that. And who tried it assures it is great. £28 

(Thanks to Ethical Dan for the tip)

3. Travel Bag

For all the active dads out there it’s time to stop using that old smelly bag to go the gym, swimming pool or take for your weekend away. Get him one of these travel bags and he will be thankful. Leather free, super cool and beautifully hand made. £79

4. Garden Set

Ah, the great British Gardens… They do need looking after though… Burgon & Ball crafts beautiful and stylish tools made in Britain to do just that. We love this RHS Endorsed Bypass Secateurs (£17.95). Add the Eco Gardening for Everyone book (£8.95) and a verry summery pineapple fabric covered notebook (£15) for the perfect ethical gardening gift set.

5. Boxers

The fellows at Sir Plus came up with the brilliant idea to reuse surplus shirting material for their boxer shorts creations. The result is an impressive range of great quality cotton undies. And as they are local we are very happy to give them a shout out.

6. Spirits

If you know he likes to impress his friends with a nice bottle, then we might have just found this unmissable gift:

Sacred Organic Vodka Bottling Note

Produced by the award-winning microdistiller Ian Hart, this vodka from the Sacred company is made on Highgate Hill in London and it was certified organic by the Soil Association in 2009. £29.15

Loch Lomond Organic 12 YO Bottling Note

Organic single malt, certified by the Soil Association, from Loch Lomond distillery! A limited release from 2013 bottled at 48% abv. £47.83 

7. Bicycles 

For the bicycle lovers there’s a whole range of accessories

From the cufflinks handmade from recycled bike chains. £30

To the stuff for the pros like the vulcanised natural rubber and organic cotton top saddle cambium. £105

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